It's Good to be Known, Even at a Pig Bar

Well, I’m back at my desk on this holiday looking out the window like nothing happened last week.

It was a blast down on St Croix last week. If I lived there I would definitely have to slow down some. There is too much to do to try and cram it all in one week.

I ran into a woman the other day at the pig bar saying she was moving off the island after 9 years. I asked why and she said, “Look at me…I’m drunk and it is 12 noon.”

She was an attractive black woman with blonde highlights and gray blue eyes.  She sat counting a box of tees shirts that said, “Born Again Cruzan”.

I said, “I have one of those shirts.”

“Where did you get it”, she asked, “because I make them”.

“From Kim Lucas”, I said.

 “Oh…you’re that guy on the Internet”. 

"Yep...I guess I am."

It's good to be know even at a jungle pig bar on a far away island. 


Judy said...

I can't believe the week is over either and here I sit with a tan, pictures and memories.

Rock Chef said...

That is so cool!

But can you REALLY have too much of a good thing? I guess so!

Anonymous said...

Poofffff....a week away!!!!

Never enough, you have to plan a three week stay Wreggie. I'm telling you, you need "three" weeks at a time to really get down into, "island time".

Welcome back to the REAL world!

Denice said...

Gee Reggi, I didn't feel like you "shared' much of your vacation??? where were the pictures and videos we have grown to love? did I miss something?
It's raining in CA and we need some sunshine and rum pictures!

Stacy said...

glad u had a good time

Ali said...

YOU'RE that guy on the internet?!?!?
Who would have thought I have known you all this time...lucky me :)

TerryC said...

Too funny!

terri said...

If you lived there, you'd have all the time in the world to do it all. Very cool that you're "that guy on the internet."