Some Success

I finally got my Notebook PC rebuilt with a new and larger hard drive and a nice fresh copy of the legacy operating system XP. It will be days before I get the PC completely restored with old files from backup but I must say I am happy going back to XP after using Vista for almost 3 years. So that is fixed and I can chalk another one up for successes.

I got started yesterday on my chicken tractor. This thing is a movable chicken coop designed for free range chickens and egg production. It will house 6 hens where they can scratch the day away in the lower cage section. Then there is a ramp where they can travel upstairs to roost at night. There are two nesting boxes to lay eggs, one at each end and doors that open to collect eggs.

We got this much of the tractor built with the help of my geometry blessed friend Ty and his fancy saws. I am challenged when it comes to cutting precise angles.

This morning I am still coughing sawdust and rubbing my eyes.

I am going to fry some chicken this afternoon with my new deep fryer I bought at target. Frying this chicken has nothing to do with my chicken tractor so don’t think I have suddenly got a chicken freak going on.

Some foods are best fried and I wanted an effective way to do it. So last week I bought the fancy fryer with timers and thermostats and a giant jug of peanut oil from Sams Club.

I like my fried chicken the best so if we digress down to Thunder Dome with the economy at least I’ll have a source of good fried chicken.


TerryC said...

"Frying this chicken has nothing to do with my chicken tractor so don’t think I have suddenly got a chicken freak going on."

You're killing me again!! LMAO!!

You don't even HAVE the chickens yet and you're already thinking of frying them! Poor little chickens.

And really, "a movable chicken coop designed for free range chickens". Come on, Wreg, a chicken in a coop is NOT a FREE RANGE chicken.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Technically my chickens will be “protected” free range chickens. We have so many predators here like various raptors, coyotes, fox both red and gray, dogs etc that they need protection.

So the chickens will be organic like free range, they will have fresh yard to move about daily (hence the portability of the coop) like free range except they will not be allowed to roam the range freely like a free range chicken.

Gigi will not allow the slaughter of any chickens. I have not determined what I will do with these hens after their 2 ½ year laying expectancy. I could let them run free but then the neighbors would have something to say. I know a fellow that is willing to take them and what he does later is none of my business.

Plus I don’t seriously think I could kill them either unless I was starving.

Who am I kidding…I am sure Gigi will buy bags of Purina Chicken Chow, little bracelets and sweaters….she is already looking at chicken feeders and waterers in the farm tek catalog.

terri said...

I'm still in awe of the fact that you go from, "I might like to raise chickens" to "I'm building a chicken tractor."

I keep saying, I want to remodel the kitchen but oddly enough, nothing's happening. (Doesn't help that the hubby's not on board with this idea.)

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Very cleaver & Creative!
Birds are not the only creatures that need nesting boxes:

Rock Chef said...

Thunder Dome - Fox News was running a feature yesterday about the worst-case scenario! It was great!