Rescued by a Rasta Man

Day two attempt at parasailing didn’t go as planned. We got to the boat alright and met our crew. Gigi stayed behind because the waters were still choppy and her rib is cracked.

We took off in rough seas to spy out a relatively calm area for a launch. Meanwhile we were being bounded and strapped with harnesses and life preservers. I felt like I was being strapped in the electric chair for an execution. 

We stood on the back deck of the boat and let the parachute do its job. 

Add VideoWhen we landed disconnected and sat down. I heard an alarm…Houston…we have a problem. 
The chute became tangled in the prop. The Captain killed the engine.

We were towed in by a Rasta man on a jet ski. 


Ken said...

Rasta Rescue.

I saved a Rasta once. He was drifting away.

terri said...

How did Gigi crack a rib?

So you got to go parasailing! Did you love it? Was it scary?

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when you go on vacation and only blog a couple of times. Not that you have a responsibility to me to keep me entertained or anything. I'm just saying

mr zig said...

you went para-sailing!? SWWWEEET! I wanna go! - (not here though - too cold :( - especially now) -