St Croix or Bust

Almost exactly to the day in the year 7 BO (before Obama) I made my first ever visit to St Croix. I think this will be my 15th trip to the island. Since then by my best guesstiments I have done the following: 

Traveled 45,000 miles by air to and from the island

Spent approximately 105 nights there

Spent $4900 on rental cars

I’ll stop there because when I added up the other things I realized I had spent a great deal of money down there. Still it has been worth every penny to me.

Over 7 years I have stayed in some nicer places than I could afford to buy and have met some fantastic people. I have seen sights that I thought could only be rendered by High Definition TV on the Discovery Channel.

My relationship with the island runs deep. I choose to return here because not because I want to relive my first experience here, I return because I learn and explore new things on every visit. Things I see next week could never have happened on a single tourist visit. I am constantly amazed at what the island has to offer.

And I will be delivered tomorrow into early summer. There will be foliage, green grass, flowers, humidity and all the things I love about summer. It is a perfect summer all year there. It never gets as hot and stifling as Charlotte and never gets cold. To be a weatherman there means you memorize that highs will be in the mid 80’s with steady wind from the east and a chance of showers. Overnight will be in the 70’s. This is pretty much year round.

Today I pack, a light day in the office, lunch with a vender and get a haircut.

Tomorrow I travel and hope time will slow down for at least a week.


As usual I will be blogging from the island and posting some video.  


Rock Chef said...

I don't want this to sound morbid but do you intend to be burried there or have your ashes scattered along the beach or something? If I found somewhere as special as that I would plan that.

Ken said...

Good for you! Yah mon!

St Croix and Barbados, the two islands, both off the beaten path of the exodus of boats that travel the windwards and the leewards, are the only two I haven't visited.

Some day!
Maybe when you buy a house down there you can have me finish it out.

Judy said...

St. Croix is all that and more!! I am looking so forward to being there!!! Good times are guaranteed.

Ali said...

That's it, we're going with you before I turn 30, okay?
That gives me about...16 months to get some cash together and arrange a babysitter for Ellery. I think I can probably handle that.

I hope you guys have an amazing time - can't wait for phone calls!

terri said...

You might as well spend your money on a place you love. After all, you can't take it with you.


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually I have contemplated this Rock Chef and I would be happy to become a beach. Ideally I would like 1/2 my ashes scattered on this island and the other half on Jekyll Island, GA.

Wreggie Beach...I like it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Just another thought about you and my favorite island Rock Chef….I will be at the outer most source of the Gulf Stream. From the US and British Virgin Islands is born a current rich in warmth and nutrients that extends up the east coast of the United States and extends to the British Isles. This is why you can live in such northern latitudes and still have a relatively moderate winter (except this year).