An Observation

I have a client that has made a brilliant life observation and I swear it is true.

She says that the older a person gets, the more their true nature comes out. If they are a crabby and negative person inside they tend to get more crabby and negative as they age.

What happens is gradually over time you begin to let your guard down so your real self is exposed.

Have you ever noticed how older folks say what they mean and have a “don’t give a shit” attitude? This is that process at work.

Truly nice people don’t cover up niceness like grouchy people do, so they mellow in their old age and love everyone. Their true loving nature comes forward and they are no longer inhibited about their loving kindness.

So…if you see and old ass hole you know he’s been one all his life.  


CarmenSinCity said...

Hmmmmmmmm - sounds good to me :) I guess I'm going to be a total asshole when I grow up. ha ha