Why is this man smiling?

I got my bill yesterday for my fun weekend in Presbyterian hospital. $3,000.

I paid a $150 co-pay when I left the hospital, the insurance kicked in and the hospital says it still wants $850.  This is after I pay a $1700 a month premium for health insurance.

Of course I get the bill on Saturday so it is impossible to get on the phone with the insurance company. To top it off the bill was not itemized.

Now I have something to do next week.  


terri said...

After your victory with Direct T.V., I expect this will be an easily won battle too.

TerryC said...

Isn't that wonderful? We had the same problems after my surgeries, etc. last year.

Don't you hate wasting precious moments of your life fighting on the phone with these people? (I do!)

And WHY do we pay these outrageous insurance premiums? The system sucks and it REALLY needs to be fixed!

(Deep breath)

Now y'all have a great day! :-) !

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Next time I feel sick I'm going to take $3000 dollars instead and throw a party.

Ken said...

The battles with my insurance and my shoulder are just about over.

They are giving in. Yea for me!

mr zig said...

Holy crappers! that's a big bill! Weird that they even send bills (at least for me... The only time we get a bill is for an ambulance ride)

Liv said...

All I can say is what Ava is behind me saying right now: You lose.

Insurance buggering everything up as always.


Stacy said...

good luck. I went through the same thing with when the baby was in the hospital. For him to be in ICU it was 57 thou and after we pay the insurance company all that money we still owed money. I hate our health care system.

kick them in the nuts