Spring...Come Hither

Let me spread some good news this morning that spring is coming.

I heard it just the other day when a songbird had that “come hither” tone to his voice. He knows spring is coming.

There is a shrub in my front yard that produces the most beautiful ornamental blueberries in May and the little green berries have just set.

The 2009 PGA tour has made it to the continental US and soon will make the southern swing ushering in spring.

We are merely weeks from Daytona and the beginning of the NASCAR season.

I just let the dogs out and there’s damn snow on the ground. Forget what I said. 


Ken said...

I expect the next sunny warm day we'll see a few daffodils break open and show some yellow.

Ken said...

I forget to mention that it's 14 degrees this morning.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It's 18 here. The snow was unnecessary.

Rock Chef said...

You are right. The air is different today - snow still lingers in sheltered spots but I can feel spring coming!

Judy said...

I feel SUMMER coming in just a few short days!!!!!!!!!!!!

MELackey said...

It's lower 60's here today. I've been wearing short sleeves all week.

I didn't know you were a NASCAR fan also. I'm ready for the season to start.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I am a casual NASCAR fan. I love Daytonna because it marks spring and it is a super speedway. Love to watch Bristle, Talladega, Charlotte, California, Texas and then I am done about mid summer for my sights turn to NFL and summer camp.

I hate the road courses. There should never be a right turn in NASCAR.

There is a lot more to racing than most people think that have not invested time in the sport. It is a team sport with technology.

Stacy said...

it is supposed to be like 64 bu the end of the week but tonight it's supposed to be 17

terri said...

It was -6 here this morning and tomorrow it's going to be 36. But there is still something like 2 feet of snow cover on the ground.

I'm ready for spring!