Road Trip

Good morning peoples in blog land. My posting frequency has demished which is typical when I come back from St Croix. It’s not that I don’t have any ideas I am just too laid back to make my fingers work.

Yesterday I drove to Richmond, VA where they still smoke in restaurants to meet my nephew Alan for some premarital financial planning. Not any sneaky escape clauses mind you just responsible stuff a guy should do when he is about to take on a wife and potential family…. boring stuff like insurance, savings and retirement.

I thought while I was in the general region I would swing by Durham, NC to see my mother on Saturday.

I drove and hour or so down from Richmond and settled on a cheap hotel next to a Cracker Barrel and Hooters. Good…this will be perfect for supper and breakfast.

I worked a few hours on the computer and walked over to Hooters for supper.

Never have I witnessed so many third trimester sized bellies on so many men. There must have been 75 huge bellied white guys all with hats on eating fried meat and drinking beer loudly.

All of the waitresses who looked like they were barely old enough to baby sit poked out their massage fanny crack cleavage for all to see.

Fanny crack cleavage, fried meat and big bellies seem to be a winning combination here in Chester, VA.

Cracker barrel attracts an older plaid shirt crowd of men with pants pulled up to their nipples that stand and stare at you while they openly pick food particles from their teeth.

It was a fun and restful night. I’m moving on to Durham this mid day, then Fort Mill, SC to pick up my finished chicken tractor and then back to Midland and home.


Ken said...

Not completly sure why, but I have never been in a Hooters. Enjoy the rest of your road trip, but by Gawd, stay away from Crackerbarrels.

terri said...

You painted a vivid picture of the beer-bellied men, fanny-cracked waitresses, and nipple-waisted restaurant patrons. They make for good people watching, don't they?

Jay said...

If Hooters would serve Cracker Barrel's meat loaf it would be perfect.

Well, not perfect cause the only two times I've been to Hooters the service was shitty.

So, if Hooters would only serve the same food and provide the same service as Cracker Barrel, it would be perfect. Yeah, that's it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Only time I was ever in Hooters we had a waitress whose boobs hit the table five mintues before she did. I really didn't mind that, I mean it IS H.o.o.t.e.r.s. The thing was her BO hit the table ten minutes before.
It was eyewatering I tell ya!

Michael said...

Just make sure you stay to the east on these jaunts of yours. Don't be strayin' n'ta appalachia. Yer scarin' me here.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...'s a guy place to have a drink, wings and talk loud. was a great people watching experience.

Jay...yjey really could do a few changes to the menu and stray from so much fried meat.

Michael...I don't stray to the virginny mountains. I spent months up in Clintwood and Grundy back in my railroad days. Those are scary places for sure.