We Need New Tennis Balls for Our Walkers

"Me hear dem sit dung and dem time fi hear dead, time fi hear mi dead fell off and nyam di fish and bread."

Another night in the ER and this time it was for Gigi.

Around 10 days ago one of the horses hit their stall door while Gigi was on the other side, and the door slammed into Gigi’s head. It caused a decent shiner and a big bruise on her left temple.

A few nights later she did a major old lady type “breaking her hip” fall in the bathroom because she said she lost her equilibrium. She scratched and severely bruised her forearm.

Yesterday a nursing student and part time house cleaner was over and told Gigi she didn’t like the looks of her forearm.

Gigi called here doctor and he suggested that she go immediately to the big inter city hospital downtown. Gigi begged to go anywhere but this hospital but he insisted.

So I took what looked like my battered wife with defensive wounds to Carolinas Medical Center ER.

This place is a chaotic zoo of misery. Very sick people are lined up moaning, coughing, sleeping all in crowded and packed hallways and waiting areas.  Meanwhile gunshot wounds, heart attacks and wrecks get front and center attention.   

Finally we concluded after talking to staff that we could either spend the night in the waiting room or spend the night at home. There was no room for anyone and they were just waiting for some people to die so we could use their exam rooms. The likelihood of any patient discharges at 8:30 PM otherwise was nil.

So after 3 hours of nothing we packed up, said goodbye to a room full of new friends and headed home.    


TerryC said...

How awful!

Is Gigi doing okay today? Will she get to see a doctor?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

She seems fine other than being banged up and bruised.

Judy said...

Can she go to urgent care or her regular Dr?

Chris said...

You guys should join a gang, then you'll get quick service. Throw a bullet wound into the mix, you're talking no wait at all!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good point Chris....Judy we need a CT according to doc. They only have those in the hospital.

Ali said...

Maybe you should come here, and go to one of our ERs? Not that we don't have gangsters with gunshots, and druggies seeking a fix, but at least then I could try to keep Gigi company. And Chris works at the biggest hospital here, so we could score some sweet cafeteria food!

Poor Gigsicle :( give her some love from me.

terri said...

Hope Gigi gets the care she needs and heals up soon. ERs suck.