This 'n That

Yesterday I got a fantastic surprise from Ali and Chris. It was a bottle of hooch from a place where I can’t buy it legally. I’ll leave it at that just in case the State Department reads my blog.

Thank you so much guys. It was thoughtful and delicious…I tasted it.

My Roomba has really picked up the pace and is ready for regular scheduling. After the initial filth was picked up it can make the entire cycle and park its little butt back in the docking station. Tonight at 2 AM it will make its first programmed round.

I am seeing people panic over the financial markets and this is darn unbecoming to some. How can money mean so much to some people? When you peel back that protective layer of money and see someone freak, you know it was money all along that made them happy and that is sad to me. This is very sad because life is so much deeper than things.

When I was down on the island last week I got an email that a friend died. He was only 40 and died suddenly. He knew how to laugh and enjoy life. He had survived 2 bouts of leukemia and the second one almost killed him. Yet he survived and thrived and I think enjoyed life despite the hardships.


terri said...

A woman at work wanted to talk about 401Ks with me all day yesterday. She kept asking me if I thought she should cash out and what was I doing with mine. I told her the truth. I haven't looked at mine. I don't check it. Ever. (Ok, so Mark looks at the quarterly statements that get mailed and I know I don't have reason to panic. I went conservative with my options.) I guess what it boils down to is that I've never had a lot of money. I used to have a lot less than I have now. I feel more stressed trying to worry about hanging on to my money so I just choose not to think about it. C'est la Vie.

TerryC said...

Well said, Terri.

Even though business has been steadily going down for three years running, there's still enough to pay the bills and put food in the dog and cat dishes.

I feel very fortunate.

Americans make me crazy with their "poor little me" attitude. I wish they would stop and compare their overstuffed lifestyles with those of people in Haiti or Rwanda...

TerryC said...

I can't believe no one has asked about the "Bermuda countdown" yet!