You Figure This One Out

I don’t make this stuff up, I dream it.

The dream I had the other night was so fantastic and strange that I can’t get it out of my head.

I was in my RV trying to find a place to park when I very large and very black woman insisted I follow her. Her skin was as dark as night. She was as large as the Statue of Liberty and she a big shackle on her left ankle and a long heavy chain that she attached to my RV.

I wasn’t afraid in fact I felt very calm and comfortable with this.

She began to walk and drag my RV with me and my sister and Gigi to some unknown destination. Soon she took flight and I was in tow behind her still confident that I was being taken to a good place.

We dove in a huge tunnel and the scenery changed to a fairy land like cartoonish landscape.

She found me a fantastic parking spot beside a river, unhooked her chain and motioned to some buildings across the river.

My sister and I headed toward the buildings and I could see that they were setting up a fantastic banquet with fine linens, silverware, stemware, and candles…many candles. I could see a quartette setting up. There were dozens of people setting up in a great hurry.

I was instructed to go to another building first. In that building was the most elaborate bar I had ever seen. The first seat at the bar had my name there and the second had my sister’s name.

The bartender was very friendly and called us by name and poured us both a drink.

“We’ve been expecting you two”, he said.

I looked around and realized Gigi was not there and she did not have a name tag at the bar. I wanted to go back and get her but I was told that I couldn’t and that she would join me again some day…not to worry.

That is all I remember.

I can’t get the beautiful colors and scenery out of my memory. The place was beautiful


Judy said...

That has a "heavenly feel" in the description. That is so weird.

terri said...

You dreamed of your heaven. And your worried you'll go before Gigi.

My last dream involved me being covered with leaches and desperately shaking salt all over myself trying to get them off.

I like your dream better.

Rock Chef said...

I think Judy and Terri have got it. I had a heaven dream once - it keeps me sane!

Terri's leach dream sounds really nasty! Ick!

Ken said...

Last night Barack offered me a job, starting in one year. I spent the day with him talking and visiting his aunt. He didn't even smoke around me. He was very pleasant!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Was it a job building bridges with solar panels and windmills?

Ken said...

No, it was sumpen wit gubernment.