Anatomy of a Vacation

I am staying at a resort that reminds me much like The Silverado near Napa, CA. This is an old quaint place, built in many phases and spread over a large area. It has tennis courts, a golf course, restaurants, beaches, a spa, shops and lots of service personal. It is well maintained.

Theoretically I could stay here the entire week, never leave the grounds and that would be my experience of the island.

I am not a resort person per se. Gigi is a resort person. She is enjoying the relaxation and convenience of the place.

Yesterday I went to Buck Island on an 80’s era sailboat. The owners have been renovating this boat starting with the motor and rigging and avionics. Now the process of wood restoration has begun with many coats of varnish.

The weather was iffy but seas were calm and the clouds broke by the time we launched.

A nice long snorkel reveals a lobster as big as an infant, an equally large flounder, a few barracuda, and lots of colorful fish.

We had lunch, drank champagne, and laughed.

I came home and took a long nap with Gigi then went out to forage for supper. I ended up with a large pizza from The Deep End. They really need to perfect pizza crust before they try and sell pizza.

Today…I dive.


TerryC said...

The Cultured Pelican has the best pizza.

terri said...

I am vacationing vicariously through you and loving every minute of it!