The Truth

I find it strange that many of my liberal friends keep their eyes pealed on Fox News, while many of my conservative friends stay glued to MSNBC. Both want to keep an eye on the enemy thought patterns.

I watch World News Tonight for 30 minutes each day and that is all the TV news I take in. And yes I am quite able to discern political spin, but pictures of a flood, volcanoes, speeches, laws are what they are. Then I switch over to The Science Channel and learn things like octopus have beaks.

In a strange turn of events Gigi and I were told by several family members yesterday that the MIL is just fine, nothing out of the normal (even though she is still in a hospital and is described by the attending physician as confused and has a motion alarm attached to her for when she wonders at night). It was suggested several times that once we have this blissful thought correctly placed in our brains we should avoid contact with her by phone lest we get the unsettling feeling from her that something could be wrong. The problem with her is us and not her. Further communication with her will only make her worse so it is best not to answer the phone and maybe visit her once in a while. The less communication with family the better and neighbors should deal with her emotional outcries.

Okay…..that is one plan I’ll take under advisement. Gee thanks for the swell suggestion. Makes my life simple.


Rock Chef said...

What? Are you suggesting that Fox's "fair and balanced comment" is biased in some way? This must be why I am wondering who actually voted for Obama! ;-)

Ken said...

Yes, sometimes it's convenient to turn a blind eye, but I'm sure in your case with your MIL, not so easy. Other times, things get thrown in your face so you must deal with it.(gulf coast) And other times, your conscious might make you feel bad and opens your eyes wide.(me, recent ash spill a mile from my house and now a playground that I wanted to play in is filled with dirty goop) Such is life.