Watch Chicken

Yesterday morning I stopped by the small engine repair shop to arrange for my lawn tractor to be serviced and was greeted by a very suspicious chicken. She ran up to my truck, paused, turned an eye to me a stared.

A guy in the parking lot laughed at the sighting of this watch chicken at work.

Turns out that this hen just showed up one day and made her self at home. They named her Henrietta.

I played golf yesterday and the heat was stifling.

When I got home Gigi showed me two Bougainvillea that she bought me. I love Bougainvillea. They are seen everywhere in St Croix. They flower all year down there and come in many spectacular colors. They are very drought resistant.

I will plant these and enjoy them this summer but like Hibiscus, Oleander and other tropical woody shrubs these will die in the winter.


Ken said...

To be surrounded by chickens and Bougainvillea would be a good thing.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...