Resorts and Hyperlinks

I am normally not a resort person. However I have always longed to stay at The Buccaneer Resort on St Croix.

I have passed the gates often while going to many of the rented villas in the Shoys section of St Croix.

Whenever I enquired about rooms, even in the off season the minimum was $400 a night. No way.

Introduce Skyauction and The Great Recession and I have seen rates budge to Wreggie standards.

Back in January I bid on a room…any room at The Buccaneer and won for a nightly rate taxes included for $148 a night. That is what a cheap room goes for off season at The Divi Resort on the south shore of St Croix.

So for a week I’ll be high styling with room service and breakfast in bed, maybe a round of golf on the resort course.

The fun begins Wednesday.


Ken said...

Looks a little "over the top"....

That's a good thing for you....

Have a great time.

Boomer Pie. said...

You know how to live. I wanna go there! Hoping for photos. I signed up to follow. Drop by my world and return the favor if you like.