A Boring Post Yet A Post None-the-less

Yesterday I had to drive to the coast of NC and SC to visit some clients. I decided to take the Jeep top off after seeing the weather looked promising.

About 30 minutes into the trip I hit a cool ground fog that persisted until 10 AM.

Finally sunny weather for the last hour of the drive.

The beach was beautiful and the water was unusually clear by our coastal standards.

The weather promised clear and sunny inland with a 40% chance of thunderstorms on the coast around 7 PM.

I figured I’d take those odds since I wasn’t planning to linger around the coast and certainly would be gone from the area by 3 PM.

You guessed it…a lone cell of rain hit me about 5 miles inland. I pulled up the radar on my iPhone just to prove how unlucky I was. There was one tiny bright red dot and I was under it.

I manage to find a sizable gas station to take shelter and leisurely refuel while waiting out the storm.

Almost forgot....got a BCD yesterday to begin my life as a scuba person.


Rock Chef said...

I can see you with a small cartoon raincloud over your head...

Ken said...

You are destined to be wet.

terri said...

Murphy's law in full effect!

TerryC said...