A Fact!

Tis the time of year for a great convergence of fun….but before I continue did you know that an octopus has a beak? The size of the beak is the only obstacle keeping the octopus from assuming most any space between a crack or passage? And the beak is nasty and will bite you. So there.

The conversation came up the other night with dinner guests. I was fresh off a documentary from the science channel so I knew the subject matter.

My guests assumed this was some Wreggieism and demanded an accurate answer from a marine biologist. Just so happens Gigi has one on speed dial.

Her friend answered all confused that Gigi would be asking her this and confirmed that yes indeed an octopus has a beak.

So there you go…walk confidently knowing you know that an octopus has a beak.

I write about the great convergence of fun later.


Rock Chef said...

I was never sure about this - thought it might be an Urban Legend! The ones in movies sometimes have them, but sometimes not!

Thanks for spreading your knowledge.

terri said...

Beaks? Really? I'm going to have to google this and check it out!