Wramping Up The Learning Curve

Right now I am going through this huge absorption phase over diving and I like that.

Whatever I do, golf, RVing, boating, travel, Jeep restoration, chicken raising, beer making, tailgating or scuba, I do with intensity. It is my personality to gain as much knowledge about a new activity. I enjoy ramping up the learning curve.

And so the weather here has been rainy, Gigi is out of town, and I have bee reading everything I can online about scuba and diving from a safety and technical point of view….comparing equipment and seeing how the sport has progressed over the years.

I want to get in as much dive time as possible to become as comfortable and efficient and safe as possible underwater and realize all knowledge can’t be obtained from reading. I need underwater experience.

So when I go to Jekyll Island this summer I will be looking to dive at nearby sites off the Georgia and Florida coast. And much to my first negative thoughts I may have to dive some rock quarries here near my house.

Freshwater diving has its own problems like poor visibility, poor buoyancy, and it is damn cold. I had a friend do his open water dives yesterday in a quarry and it was 42 degrees at 35 feet. This doesn’t warm up much even in the summer. Plus there is nothing to see but catfish and brim and maybe an old school bus they tossed in to explore. But it is dive experience that can be applied when I get to great dive destinations like St Croix.


terri said...

I have always admired that about you. Whatever you do, you do it with gusto.

Rock Chef said...

Good stuff! When doing something as potentially dangerous as that I think it is a great idea to learn as much as possible!