Thus Far

Yesterday I accomplished something on my “Bucket List” if I had a bucket list and that was to become certified to dive.

It was a wonderful final dive, the stuff of a documentary on Discovery HD except I was seeing it for my own eyes.

Afterwards we celebrated with cold beers and a fantastic lunch.

Saturday was equally satisfying with multiple dives.

Previously I was on a boat at Buck Island with old friends and new friends snorkeling, and then drinking sparkling wine, toasting in Italian, listening to Italian classical music, enjoying pasta and various cheeses and salads. We laughed and talked the afternoon away pausing for a refreshing swim in the perfect waters.

Thursday I sat on the boardwalk and talked to new friends that knew some of my other friends and we knitted together any connections we may have sharing a few happy hour beers while Gigi shopped.

I have 2 and a half days ahead of me that are a blank slate except for dinner tonight with Michael and Terry at the Terrace to watch the sun set and the “city” of Christainsted light up.

Finally I don’t know if this is coincidental or a side effect of diving. Both nights after diving I have experienced vivid nightmares.


Ken said...

When you come over the mountains, bring your dive gear and we can do a documentary of the bottom of Malihihi.

TerryC said...

Diving into a pile of dirty clothes was a nightmare?

Michael said...

You want to fill part of today with snorkeling at Tamarind Reef in the afternoon, around 2:30 or so?

terri said...

It sounds like you've found a piece of Heaven on Earth there. I don't know that I've ever enjoyed a vacation the way you enjoy your St. Croix trips.