A Man Friday

The end of the week didn’t turn out at all like it was scheduled because Thursday and Friday I was supposed to be in Boston. In fact Teresa and I talked about meeting briefly until she pulled her back.

My MIL’s bizarre behavior took center stage so Gigi went down to the beach to check on her and I stayed back and watched the animals.
Turns out that nothing on the medical films can explain why her sudden conversion to bag lady-ism and her bizarre behavior. I am not sure what we are going to do except maybe change our phone numbers.

Yesterday morning I saw a Craig’s list ad repeat for the 3rd time and for the third time I researched all the items offered and figured it was time for me to act. This guy had almost a whole set of scuba gear for a great price. I made him a lowball offer and he came back at a discounted price.

So Cedie and I drove the Jeep to meet his wife at a gas station and the deal was done. I tool all the equipment over to a nearby dive shop to have everything tested and serviced. I even have an air tank.

I stick by my earlier comment that local dive shop operators are weird. This guy was pissed first of all that I had bought seemingly good name brand equipment from a stranger on Criag’s list. I would have paid 4 times as much in his shop. After the entire objective is to breath safely underwater.

Then I see a sign about a local dive club but it has very specific rules:
NO profanity
NO drinking
NO smoking
NO racist, sexist jokes / language

I don’t smoke. Guess I won’t be joining that dive club.

Finally I got a call from Thomas and an afternoon golf game ensued.

I came back, fed the critters, grilled a steak and concluded a good man day.


terri said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL's strange behavior. It's sad when aging begins to take its toll.

The dive shop operator was only pissed that you didn't spend your hard earned money buying equipment at his shop and padding his pockets. Anyway, you did say diving was one of those snob-hobbies, didn't you?

Sounds like it ended up being a great day anyway. Too bad you didn't get to meet Teresa.

Teresa said...

Oh Reggie...it's an all around good thing that we changed plans then I guess. I was bummed out but my back ended up getting a little bit worse and then we got terrible news about our house deal and another crappy emergency on Friday. I guess it was all for the best. Sorry about your MIL.