Stuff I noticed II

I really missed my bed. As nice as that resort was it didn’t hold a candle to my memory foam mattress. I didn’t wake up once last night.

I drove to the drug store on the right side of the road and it felt natural. I did miss seeing mongoose scampering back and forth.

We escorted a sweet little dog back from St Croix and she will enter her life as a North Carolina dog now. She is in the Charlotte Humane Society shelter this morning.

I learned that 70 and 100 SPF sunscreen is available now. Up to now I was using 30 and 50.

I learned also once can get sunburned through a tee shirt.

I came back refreshed and motivated to work. I now want to study and get some advanced diving classes.

I have found another hot sauce I like called Island Fever. I brought back a few bottles.


Rock Chef said...

Factor 100? I will have to look out for that, my youngest burns really easily. Might even use it on Custard the dog!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...found 100 at our CVS Pharmacy this morning. 70 was a bit difficult to find on the island.

Perfect for a child or anyone who loves the sun but doesn't want to die over it.

Teresa said...

I didn't realize you could get sunburned thru a shirt...hmmm...I'll add that to "My List of Things Wreggie has Taught Me" along with "all dogs paws smell like popcorn".

Ken said...

Deep down, I truly do LOVE, driving on the left side of the road.
Change is GOOD, in many, many ways!