A Day You Don't Get Every Day

I spent the afternoon with Micky-T and his bride the lovely Bicky.

What led to this is I needed to go to Asheville, NC to see some clients. And I always promised I would let Cedie visit East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue whenever I could because she was always their special girl and she consumed most of their medical budget saving her life one year. Plus I really wanted to meet Mic a blogging buddy and his wife so like the space missions of old I shot for all of them in a few days. After all they were all in the same general direction.

I arrived at the marina precisely on time at high noon. Mic said he would be provisioning Malihini. Cedie and I pulled in and called him to let him know I arrive and met Mic and the lovely Luca on the dock. Luca is a sweeeeet yellow lab.

Mic and I gave each other that stupid grin of two guys that knew each other so well from a blog and never met.

We talked for a while and shared a Southpaw Beer and discussed the origins of this fantastic boat Malihini.

Soon Bicky joined us and we were off down the Tennessee River having lunch.

What struck me was how nice this couple was, how passionate they are about life and how much they both loved adventure and the sea. Both are very talented individuals.

Mic is a Boatwright by trade and Bicky is a fantastic artist….although she denies this. I saw her work. Trust me she is good.

We mad our way to “The Bar” where I could see some of Mic’s handy work. Pictures don’t do this work justice. I kept rubbing the smooth wooden panels and the bar knowing that under my hands was solid mahogany, the wood of Gods. Words can’t describe the beauty of his work and the attention to detail. We sat and had a few beers and talked.

When we arrived to his home I got to see for myself the fruit of years of labor. Amazing…. This is one huge house.

I really don’t know where they fine the energy to do it all.

Thanks guys for a great day.


Ken said...

Thanks Wreggie, we had a really great time meeting you and Cedie. Bic's glad she decided to go with, 'the guys'.

You must of missed the part when we told you the energy 'has' waned and is now on a screaming spiral downhill.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...yes, but did he take you up to the attic to see his moo-moo?...

terri said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun day!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...I did go to the attic and there it was piled near the books.