This Will Be an Unpopular Post With Potential for Bad Acting

Observations on the Gulf Spill

I’m just dealing with the facts as I see them. Don’t get the impression that I don’t want this hole plugged.

That was one hell of an oil find. No kidding BP knows how to find gigantic deposits. Not since I saw Jed Clampit shootin’ at some food have I see so much bubbling crude just by punching a hole in the earth. We know there is a bunch of oil down there and the cat is out of the bag. We also know how to extract this oil incorrectly thanks to BP. All we have to do now is ramp up technology to get at it safely because we aren’t going to be running our cars, planes, ships and making tires and plastics on solar power and wind mills. We need the oil for a long time to come.

We also have a long list of things that don’t work when responding to an oil disaster. Thanks again to BP and our federal government.

Why hasn’t the price of oil skyrocketed? The president has shut down oil production in the Gulf yet the price at the pump is stable to slightly lower. We actually ran out of gas here in North Carolina at any price after Katrina and it was all blamed on the Gulf not producing oil inventories.

BP is now burning off the oil at the source and everyone is angry. Isn’t this what we intended to do with the oil in the first place? Now that they are cutting out the middle man and everyone is pissed off. This idea seems to be working for newly released oil. I wish they had done this all along.

I haven’t seen so much bad acting since I used to watch Mystery Science Theater. Politicians make bad actors. Henry Waxman needs to trim some nose hair. Folks act angry when the BP chairman goes for a boat ride but no one says squat when the President and VP play golf every weekend. We have the most golf playing President since Dwight Eisenhower and I don’t care. None of them have the power to stop this so let them R and R.

There will be plenty of time for punishment and regulation when this is fixed.


Ken said...

The whole political scene of this disaster...

makes me want to puke.

Rock Chef said...

I just find it incredible that no one seems to have been prepared for crap like this.

Anonymous said...

I am SO ANGRY!!!

Oh, no I'm not.

Thanks for being honest. It's a sucky situation, but indignation on the part of people who aren't in a position to affect a change is pointless. You've expressed a lot of my own opinions. Thanks for that!