A Very Rare Late Thursday Afternoon Post

I have really been saving money with this Priceline app on my iPhone. Last night I stayed at the Doubletree Inn in Oak Ridge, TN. The going rate was $144 and they wouldn’t budge. I whipped up Priceline and got the room for $109. A savings of 24%.

Today Cedie and I walk up to the counter at Comfort Inn in Asheville, NC. The going rate is $89 a night. The clerk said she could not reduce the rate herself and I was welcome to book it on my phone for $59 which I did. A savings of 34%.


And now our main feature………

I take care of my stuff. I am a big believer in maintenance and keeping equipment fixed if something breaks.

So my riding mower that I bought from Home Depot 6 years ago is getting some age. It was made by John Deere. Last year I replaced the back tires, battery along with an oil change and blade sharpening.

This year I decided to resolve the gas odor, slipping belt and get an oil change and blade sharpening.

I called my usual place but they had new owners and a new name, STI TURF Care Equipment East of Midland, NC.

I arranged for the mower to be picked up. In a few days I got a call telling me that my oil had been changed and the blades had been sharpened, but……I had a crack in my gas tank and they couldn’t find a replacement belt for my mower.

Why in the hell would I want sharp blades and fresh oil if I can’t turn the blades and cannot start the motor without gas? They told me I needed to go to John Deere to get the parts which I did.

After a few days I get a call and they told me that the gas tank was on but they never could get the new belt to fit.

My mistake was I assumed they would at least put the old belt back on even if it slipped but no they didn’t.

They delivered back to me something that was once a mower and it now a slow go cart.

I called them back and they insisted neither belt would work even though the old one had been on the mower for 6 years.

So at least I have identified some idiots and if you are ever in the Midland area looking for a mower…keep driving.


Ken said...

Thanks, but no thanks I'm full up on idiots.

Sooooo....wow.... how cool is that!!!... you have a John Deere go-cart?
I didn't know they made them, you must be like, the first!