Soon Come

Jekyll Island here we come. This will be our 18th 4th of July there and would guess our 40th trip to this South Georgia Island. Have you noticed that once I find a place I like I keep on going?

We will head out Thursday with the RV and 4 dogs and the parrot and snake our way down the river of asphalt to South Georgia for a 10 day stay.

The area is beautiful and very undeveloped. There are miles of tidal marshes and tidal creeks. I love to explore the creeks and dolphin visit in my little boat. The bike trails are flat and wind through the live oaks and Spanish moss.

This year I plan at least a two tank dive off shore and may do a two tank dive at Ginny Springs, FL if I get the time.

For now it is packing cleaning, planning and paying bills.

I did get a twinge of a kidney stone yesterday in the heat so I’ll find out where the hospital is just in case.

I did buy one of these bad boys to deal with the July heat. I’ll hang it off the RV awning.


Rock Chef said...

The mister sounds great! If this summer keeps on like this I will be wanting one too!

Have a great time!

Jay said...

I like the mister. If I had a back patio I would have one of those too.

Have fun!

Ken said...

I bet that misty maker is going to be something special for those really hot days.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...have you concidered pumping beer through the mister?...

terri said...

A misting system? Never heard of it! What a cool idea! (No pun intended.)

Ten days away from it all sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to settle for a three-day weekend.

Chris said...

Sounds like a good time. Where did the snake come from?

Make sure Bosco doesn't fly out the window again. I don't want Gigi to have a heart attack!

Ken said...

Now it's Soon Go!