Help Me Please Guy

Been trying to see and buy some of this stuff for over a month now. This guy checks his email at 5AM about every 4 days and is always out of town.

I contacted him before I went to St Croix back in early may. Wonder why it’s not selling buddy?

Dude…if you want to sell your stuff be available for the transaction part of it.

Anyone see anything you want? I’ll pick it up for you if I ever get to see him.

Dive Gear - $1 (Shelby)

Date: 2010-05-05, 9:40PM EDT
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Aqualung: Micra ADJ, LP Octopus, SEA 1st Stg, Environmental Kit, Yoke and DIN connectors. $250
Seaquest: XR2 Cryo/ octopus and 3 gage console (never in water) $300
Malibu RDS BC SZ L (never in water). $275
Oceanic Data Trans Plus dive Computer, Air integrated/hoseless, air/NITROX capable, Programmable. Mounted on lanyard w/ compass $150
Oceanic Mako Scooter w/ charger (needs new Batteries) $700
Spectrum Oxygen analyzer in Pelican 1200 case. $150
DUI FLX 50/50 Dry Suit (needs new seals) Polartec undergarment w/ booties $600
Wetsuit one piece 3mm (L) $50
Wetsuit Two piece 6MM (L) $75
Dive Skin (L) $15
2 Wenoka Knives, $20 ea
Dive lights Princeton Tec NIB (1) 8 cell (1) 4 cell $40 ea.
2 Used (1) 8 Cell (1) 4 cell $15
Other odds and ends
Gear belongs to a PADI instructor who had to quit diving for medical reasons.


Rock Chef said...

He quit for medical reasons - is he still alive, I wonder?

Ken said...

Tell him I'll give him a buck for the odds ands ends.