I'm Getting Rich!

Today when it gets very hot I have decided I will come in a write a top 40 song and get rich. Don’t laugh…I really think I can.

First I need to sing it all through a voice synthesizer (Envelope Detector).

It needs to include many references to alcohol and specifically Henny (Hennessy cognac).

The location of the story should definitely be the club universal but more specifically if it is an actual location it should be a strip club.

I will have degrading lyrics about Shawty (your girl) and many sexual overtones.

I might include some lines about my car and sound system but that could be a song all its own.

I will have key uses of the “N” word that can be bleeped out for radio play.

The song really needs a few new slang terms that I can look up just to remain current and believable that I am a gangsta.

Oh I definitely need to talk about my rubber bands ($1000 rolls) of Benjamin Franklins ($100 bills).

What else….It would be great to have a very hip refrain or chorus. That’s what make Flo-rida special.


Chris said...

When it comes to your video, you need to throw around lots of money, and keep sipping something.
Oh, and don't forget the bikini clad girls sprawled all over the background, lip synching the lyrics....and then the slow motion cork popping off a bottle of DP.

TerryC said...

Can I get your autograph before you become famous?

R u still gonna hang wid us?

terri said...

Your inner young angry black man is showing again. Personally, I like country music. I've probably got an inner hillbilly inside of me somewhere.