Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.....

I just finished on of my favorite breakfasts….Old fashioned Quaker Oatmeal and a cold Diet Pepsi.

This time of year is unusually stressful. I have been dealing with my taxes…yes I flung a bunch of money at them and filed an extension last April 15. Plus I am renewing my business line of credit.

The line of credit used to be easy. I would ask, they would look at my tax returns and they would loan more than I would ever need.

Not anymore. I have to prove that I don’t need the loan and have to prove I could repay it 5 times over.

Yesterday I got to my office to find a certified letter from the IRS on my seat. I have never gotten goods new from a certified letter.

It seems the IRS wants to fine me $89 for not filing my business taxes. I did back on March 15 so I called them. They said that they received my tax return but it didn’t show up until March 28 and for that sin I must pay $89.

I asked what the postmark was on the envelope and they didn’t know. What they are going to do is pay someone more than $89 to research to see if the envelope had a March 15 postmark and they will write me again to let me know. That ought to keep them busy for a while.

Finally I just made another batch of Chipotle sauce for the fall tailgate season. I love that stuff. It’s not too hot and comes off like a strong BBQ sauce. It is great on burger and brats or most anything grilled.


Rock Chef said...

No body knows, by Jesus...

I truly hate all that sort of stuff.

The sauce sounds good - we have bought that in the past and enjoyed it - any chance of a recipe?

Ken said...

Hey I though those million dollar prizes started with a certified letter.

terri said...

Lenders suck these days. (I can say that because I no longer work for a "lender." We just originate loans for other lenders.) The only people getting loans are the ones with astronomical credit scores and minimal debt-to-income ratios. I always wonder why those people are even bothering to borrow money.

Your IRS issue is just further proof that our government does nothing but push papers and waste money.

And I have often enjoyed a Diet Coke or Pepsi with breakfast. Or as breakfast for that matter.

Chris said...

Our pre-season tailgate was almost an epic fail...

Our grill broke down, so we had to boil the smokies, no beer, no other people around, and no music.

I'm moving to Charlotte.