2 for 1

Old Wine

I got lucky on the last trip down to the island. It seems that the grocery store Schooner Bay found an old case of 2006 Alice White Cabernet and was selling it for $10 a bottle.

I can buy 2011 Alice White Cabernet here for about $8, but it was bottled and aged for about a month.

This 2006 Alice White was really good having the additional 6 years under her belt. I had no idea cheap wine could age so well.

Now…What are the Odds?

Late night yesterday Gigi was shuffling in the night and heading to the bathroom when she stubbed her toe into Tanner’s rectum. Yep…she stuck her big toes right up his ass. They both felt violated.

Come to find out after telling this story to a collogue that the same night his wife was swatting at their dog Rick, and she accidently stuck her finger up Rick’s butt.

I guess I need to buy a lottery ticket today. 

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Unknown said...

Either a lottery ticket or a chastity belt!

Rock Chef said...

That is probably the worst taste post you have ever done. Good job it was counterbalanced by the wine section!

terri said...

Does Gigi know you posted that? Cuz if not, you're in TROUBLE!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

She knows Terri. We laughed and laughed.