This is So Easy

My hens are not laying very well right now, and I suspect it is because of Obama’s health care plan.

Diesel is $4.19 a gallon and of course it is Obama’s fault….slam dunk.

They are really fancying up Charlotte, and I think it may be because Obama will accept his party’s nomination after an expensive and hard fought democratic primary.

I am pretty sure I should be 6 feet tall, but the Obama administration will not allow me to be 6 feet tall. If I were 6 feet tall my BMI would be perfect. Instead, Obama wants to take my food to reduce my BMI and give it to taller people to raise their BMI.

I am a hopeless victim. 

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Judy said...

And you are very funny!

Unknown said...

It's a known fact that Obama is out to get you. And your chickens.

He may be bad for your BMI but things are looking good at IBM.

Is this haiku?

Ken said...

I heard they were going to change it to Bank of Obama Stadium, wouldn't you like that?