Working Man

Yesterday I knocked off early to come home and handle some chores. 

The first chore was changing a battery in my iPhone 4. Apple designed this magnificent machine to operate superbly on the original battery for about two years. My two years has passed and I am trying to hold out for the next release later this year.

So I bought a battery and the tools for $20 delivered and manage to do it myself. God the screws are tiny. 

Then I set out to do some power washing of my Pawley’s Island Hammock. Then I installed some hammock hooks up in the screen room. When the hammock dries, I’ll have a nice shady, cool place to snooze. 

Next I began the installation of surround sound in the screen room. This should be really cool come football season or a late night scary movie outside.

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Unknown said...

Scrooze, toonze and snooze.

Not a bad day's work.

Ken said...

That T&G bead board looks great.

terri said...

All you need now is a toilet and you'll never need to go back in the house again.