Testing out the Domestic Leisure area

Almost complete. Still need a few tweaks, furniture, blinds, and TV.

Testing some wings just to see if I still have it.

The grills and smoker all ready to cook. Had two going today with wings, corn on the cob and spinning a chicken far right.

Carley is digging the smells and space.

From my chair enjoying a glass of wine.

Got a doggy door too!

A ceiling fan keeps me cool and sleepy.

Skype me for a private tour.


terri said...

You've thought of everything! Looks like a great place to hang out and enjoy the nice weather.

Ken said...

Really nice....just one thing...that screened area between the people door and the doggie door looks suspect for damage from dogs. Maybe a food staging tray or something.

Unknown said...

I am liking the corner braces.

I fully intend to skype you for the private tour.

Ken is on to something with his comment.

But he still won't send me the fifty bucks.