Got this Email Today

I am really going to have to work.

WATER RESCUE – Expectation: The water depth will vary throughout the day, from a low of 4 feet, to as high as 6 1/2 feet. Current water temperature is 70 degrees. This obstacle is part of the white water training circuit, so there will be a fast moving current to be aware of. Past event experience has shown that non-swimmers and poor swimmers will try this challenge. Though these participants use a life jacket as well as a rope to assist, stay focused. As per your training, watch for early signs of anxiety and panic. Rescue should consist of the swimmer grabbing the front of the kayak board when possible, with a tow to safety. This obstacle is towards the end of the race. Expect numerous tows for fatigued swimmers. Also note there have been cases of panicked participants experiencing laryngospasm while in the water and thrashing. If you feel this is above your training level, please let us know at this time.

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Ken said...

WAY!!! Cool!!!

You be ready......(I know you will)

Is your head cam know we want video.

Hey Reg, this is not just an "average" job, you know that, huh? Your going to be a specialist now, this could lead to Hollywood or at least Baliwood in India or something like that...

hehehehehe hahahahaha