Just Saying Again

Brad is sporting a mullet now….no other way to describe his hair do. Meanwhile Angelia has developed skinny goat legs and hooves. What happened to these once pretty people?

Toe cleavage in the form of goat hooves is not attractive. 

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Rock Chef said...

They clearly don't have any friends who are prepared to give a reality check!

Ken said...

The hooves I like (well that one on the left anyway), the face is what I can't wrap my brain around, that so many think is so beautiful. Barff!

Unknown said...

Witness the power:

The goal was shock and awe,and to make people talk,and lo! it is working like a charm.

terri said...

I loved him in Thelma and Louise, but not so much since. Her? Meh.

They got people talking alright, but not in a good way. Her goat legs inspired a lot of laughter though.