Saturday Stuff

We had big storms move through last night, enough to fill my second creek in front of the house. The lower yard out front holds the finest moss turf I have ever seen. I'll need to trim the spring onions soon. 

I was out running chores and came across this fellow in front that opposes hand guns. That's okay with me.

However, I like to keep my handgun handy so I have options if necessary.

I decided to try a new recipe today that will involve 5 to 6 hours of cooking time. Here I sear a chuck roast.

Here I will simmer the roast in beef stock and other goodies for about 5 hours. Then about Lawrence Welk time I'll post my version of this recipe. I can see this one Sunday tailgating next fall.

Below is the recipe I am attempting to make with a few changes. I added celery and left off the hot spices. I decided to simmer it inside rather than outside to save some charcoal. I am going to melt cheese on mine when I toast it, and then add condiments. 

UPDATE  - 4 hours into the cook and oh my....look at this!

Oh my this is GOOD!

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terri said...

You need to open "The Tailgate Restaurant." I'm serious. You would do well.

Ken said...

Have mercy!!!!!

Unknown said...

Did you shoot the chuck roast?