Meet Carley

This weekend we are headed to East Tennessee to meet Carley. She'll likely join our pack and return to her new forever home on Sunday. 

Get this....she is missing her tail. Two of my dogs are missing legs....Galaxy is missing half a tail. Tanner has all his visible parts except for his family jewels.

I think she will fit right in.

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Rock Chef said...

Aw, such a sweetheart!

Let us know how she settles in with the gang!

Judy said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! I knew you would be getting another one soon. If I was a dog I would want to belong to you and Gigi.

Ken said...

A long legged beauty!

terri said...

She's gorgeous, and so lucky to have you and Gigi welcome her to your home and family.

Unknown said...

That dog is REALLY going to need a Rectum Protection Device.