Rest in Peace Abby

Abby and Gigi in Southport 2008. 

We had to euthanize Abby today. She went downhill quickly.

I literally slept on the floor with Abby two nights ago when it became apparent she was going down fast. Our presence comforted her.

Gigi stayed with her in the day while I was at work.

Abby and Gigi had a special bond.

She was with us about 4 1/2 years after we rescued her from the local pound. She was hairless and skinny when we found her, and she died hairy and fat with loads of love she left behind.

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terri said...

I'm so sorry that Abby was in pain and that she had to leave you so soon. But you gave her the gift of a wonderful life while she was with you, one she very well may not have had without you.

Ken said...

It's never easy to let go.

Judy said...

You know I am so sorry and tearing up. Don't you love knowing how good the last years of her life were because of you and Gigi! She knew she was loved!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes we both won the lottery with Abby. It was sad to wake up and see her spot empty but we all did everything as it should have been.

Unknown said...

I too hope to die hairy and fat.

RIP Abby.