Finishing Touches

This has been one sloppy move. I was insistent on being hands off on this move since it was my partners who really wanted another spot.  I figured they could handle it.   

It has been the same thing every five years. They want to move, we agree on a space, and then in a few years they hate it.  They hate the colors, layout, temperature, traffic flow, whatever.  

I am not a second guesser. I make a decision after weighing the pros and cons, and stick with my decision. 

An unwashed worker hangs molding.  

I haven't been motivated to settle in yet. Pictures are still leaning against the wall. The entire office is unfinished after 2 weeks. 

The whole move has been unsettling. I don't feel at home here. 

Next move will be to the front of the building, to the top of the structure, where I have a view of downtown and can see a sunset. 

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Unknown said...

The guy on the TeeVee looks like a miserable son of a bitch.

Ken said...

Just skip this move entirely and go directly to the front of the building with the sunset...duh!