Local Chicken Arrested for Egg Pecking

Prison Security Cam
Former flock member, Emily Swicegood, was recently released from a correctional institute on Ocean Isle Island, after serving her term for egg pecking. Her parole hearing was two weeks ago.

As you may recall, Emily was separated from her flock over a year ago along side her accomplice, she was convicted, and served time in the state chicken correctional institute.

Her accomplice was murdered in prison, but Emily survived the attack.

This morning on a routine feeding she was caught pecking eggs. She was combative and put up a fight to peck every egg she could find. A riot ensued.

She has been separated from the flock, cast into outer darkness, with gnashing of beaks.

Emily was last seen scratching near the barn awaiting an nocturnal attack. 

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Ken said...

Death to egg peckers! One and all!

Unknown said...

She is the Molly Hatchet of the Chicken Kingdom, and must be dealt with accordingly.