Put a Fork in It

My football season is over…all hopes have faded that the Panthers will not be the laughing stock of the league. We are now in competition with the likes of Cleveland and Jacksonville for the sorriest team. Wish us luck so that we can get a high draft pick with a new general manager and head coach.
Perfectly Trimmed Out Rig - Jon Kieren

My thoughts turn now to St Croix in 82 days and scuba diving. Specifically, side mount diving.

I have been collecting the gear necessary for a side mount rig but I still don’t have it all together. Some parts are back ordered.

It is my hope that in a few weeks I can spend some pool time side mount diving, so that I will be all set when I hit STX. A pool is the perfect place to perfect fundimentals if one is an experienced diver. 

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Rock Chef said...

And they have such a cool name too!

Unknown said...

Can you strap a tank to your head and dive?

Ken said...

Phfrankie took my line, really!