Part Two: Release of The Kraken

On day five she was well overdue again, and we needed to leave for home. I walked and walked her because she had that uncomfortable, stuffy look. No matter what we did or said, she would not budge. She is a stubborn little dog.

Driving the 6 hours home, it was obvious that she was restless and uncomfortable. All the other dogs were sound asleep like kids coming home from a day trip.

Several times, we stopped to see if Galaxy would do her business. She refused to even leave the car.

About 15 minutes from home the situation turned into emergency mode.

GIGI “OMG…she’s going to shit! She is crimping over Carley! Pull over! Pull over!”

ME  “I can’t now…I’m in the left lane. Do you have the bucket?”

Thick pooty smells engulf the cab, and there is a long silence. Carley pops up from her long nap confused, and she is foaming at the mouth.

There is more long silence….then some expletives. Finally Gigi emerges with a Scooby Doo bucket full of kaka.

I was ordered to pull over anywhere and Lord I did.

Well done Gigi….add Kraken midwife to your resume. 

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Rock Chef said...

Bryn is like that - she will only go where and when she chooses - usually a half mile walk from home...

Ken said...

I think you should compile all the poop stories and publish a shitty book.

Unknown said...

Poopie is as poopie does.