Private Hell

Sometimes, we suffer our own little private hells. Just today I realized that my black water tank was full, and we still have more than 24 hours in the RV.

My only alternative was to hook up to the truck to the travel trailer, and tow it to an empty site with sewer hook up.

This is a pain in the ass because it harshes my mellow, my dogs mellow, and cause me to have to semi pack up in order to push in the slides on the RV.

Well, it all went rather easy until I actually got to my destination.

This fellow walks up and offers help but I had already hooked up the sewer hose and was about to release the valve.

Within a minute he jumps right into politics confessing his life is ruined on account of Ronald Reagan and that Jimmie Carter was the best ever. By now the little man in my brain is screaming, but I just smile politely and agree. I just want him to go away.

Suddenly my sewer hose bursts about 5 tiny holes once the hose is under full pressure. Raw sewer is leaking out and I am getting a lecture on liberal politics.


Ken said...

That is some kind of shit story that only you can tell so well.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a moment in the hellish Hell of of the depths of the burning, hot Hell that is Hell, as only Hell can be.

The only thing worse would be running in to Glenn Beck at the poopie station.

Ken said...

At least he wasn't preaching that dinosaurs were herded onto the ark with Noah!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Holding an idiot as a great man makes me want to herd dinasours.