The Weekend

This weekend will be the mother of all tailgates.

I am showing off a bit because I have a couple of fellows coming in from Canada to go with me to the game.  One is Chris from earlier blogging days, and his friend Tom.

They’ll stay in the guest house.

I am getting fresh oysters and shrimp motored in from the North Carolina coast Saturday.

On Sunday we’ll add wings and flank steak along with local beers.

Then we all attend the ass whipping at the stadium.  

It should be a fun weekend. Oh….it is going to be 72 and Sunny the entire weekend. 

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Rock Chef said...

Been years since I saw that movie!

Ken said...

Party on Wayne!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure Ken fully knows the theme of this post.

terri said...

Have fun, ya hoser!

MELackey said...

take off, eh!