New Watering Hole

I like bars. They are community for those who drink. On St Croix, I frequent many bars, because they are everywhere.

Some island bars come and go, and other stay the same.

There used to be a real shit hole bar on the boardwalk called Styxx. It was a real, honest to God, low life bar. Most of the clients there didn't have a full set of teeth.

I would stop by on occasion in broad daylight for a beer. Then they shut down and construction began.

A year later, and lots of construction and money, and welcome John Eddie's Low Life Bar and Refuse.

Last night was opening night during Thanksgiving Jump Up and it looks as if the entire town turned out.

Even Norma from the Domino Club made a showing.

Good luck JELLB & R. The boardwalk can use some good night life and entertainment.


Ken said...

This looks like a great low life bar, my kind of place...if I'm doing a bar.

Unknown said...

I've got friends in low places.