The Instutute

Egg production has plummeted at the hen house. It is a combination of the season and the aging population of the hens. It could be Obamas fault, but it has not been associated yet.

So, as planned, we are thinning the herd a bit. You see, chickens eat expensive grain no matter if they are laying, or just breathing.

The plan all along is when they get old, they get to roam free.

We started this week with 22 hens and last night the count was down to 19.

I went out well after dark to look for the others and saw quite a few eyes shining back at me from the forest. That might explain the absences.


Ken said...

Coyote bait at it's finest!
cluck cluck
chomp chomp

terri said...

They get set free once they get too old to lay eggs? Coyote bait? These are things I don't want to know about life as a chicken! Poor things!