Same Old Thing

I find something I like and I stick with it. I don’t see the same thing like others I suppose.

Persons and places are like onions…there are many layers to peel back and reveal.

Same woman for 35 years.

Same truck for 13 years.

Jekyll Island for 20 years.

Same home for 23 years.

Same breed of dog for 16 years.

Yesterday on St Croix...another reason to love the place.

Same tropical island for 10 years.

Same business affiliation for 29 years.

Same NC coastal hangout for 20 years.

Same favorite big city to visit when I want to get away for 17 years. (San Francisco)

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Ken said...

Once a gypsy, always a gypsy. Too big a world and too many people to experience. We're also dreaming of going to Europe, buy a canal boat and tour France, Germany and the Netherlands. The world is my onion to peel.

Unknown said...

I keep going back to Donny's for the one dollar McDoubles.