For years I have owned a Honda 2000 generator as a backup power supply for the guest house refrigerator. For as many years I have lusted over a conversion kit that would allow me to run two of the generators together to produce 4000 watts and run my RV.

The appeal is simple, the generators are very quiet and efficient, plus each can be carried and moved by one person. A 4000 watt generator is too heavy to lift.

My main objection was springing another $1000 for another Honda 2000.

As luck would have it I located another generator new for $400. I bought the pairing kit and now I have quiet and efficient electricity on the road.

Second, I had completely outgrown my old satellite setup with the advent of high definition TV. My old tripod worked well for the older lighter and smaller dishes.

On this trip I gave it one more try, but it is to frail to hold up and maintain the bigger dish.

I ordered today this spiffy new heavy duty model with all kinds of pointers and accessories. I also included the heavy duty tie down option for coastal winds we encounter.

I will get a new dish too because the old one has been slammed to the ground so many times in high winds that the dish is bent and warped beyond what is desirable for reception.


Unknown said...

You are like an Astronaut of the Land.

Ken said...

I'm going to start calling you Gizmo.

terri said...

You ARE kind of the king of gadgetry!