A Bic Lighter to a Cave Man

Yesterday I had an appointment with a long time couple, and before we got down to business, she noticed my iPad on my desk.

Neither of them had seen an iPad in person and they were truly amazed. I gave them the full demo and let them hold and touch this amazing gadget.

They couldn't get over that this little thin slate could do so much.

Where have people been?


Unknown said...

One of Phfritzie's clients was here with the iPad Mini. You talk about thin. Talk about light. Talk about NEATO!!

Rock Chef said...

It is amazing what those little gadgets can do.

terri said...

I think there is a whole generation of people who simply couldn't keep up with technology and therefore remain oblivious to much of it. (My parents!)

Unknown said...

It is past New Post O'clock, sir.