Step it Up

Saturday I will make my first local dive of the year at The Quarry. The water is 50 degrees at the surface, and 49 degrees at depth.

This will be my most complex dive configuration ever, as I will dive in a dry suit and side mount.

I've done 14 side mount dives and still learn something new each dive.

On dry dives I have about 10 in the books, and none in over a year. Dry diving comes with different challenges vs wet diving that I have yet to master.

There is a lot of mental planning for these dives and I like that part of diving.

Oh and I forgot....Gadget Alert! I sold some old dive stuff (including my shitty camera) on eBay and got enough to buy a GoPro Hero 3 action sports camera. Hopefully it will be delivered in time for the dive.

This little camera is the state of the art high definition video camera that can go about anywhere...even to 190 feet under water. Most folks mount the camera on their head or chest...others use a extension pole. I saw a decent amount of divers with this same small camera down on St Croix.