State of The Art

The old Direct TV outdoor hardware had been through two tropical storms and a Cat 1 Hurricane from it's service in Southport, NC.

The dish was bent and the tripod destroyed. So last year I bought the finest tripod money can buy. It should easily survive the storms the last tripod caved into.

I managed to bed the dish back and checked the connections as a new dish is expensive and must be purchased from Direct TV or a Dealer.

After spending hours this morning knowing that I had a dead bead on the satellite I decided to call a local installer for help.

My LNB was bad, my cable in the dish was bad, my dish was too bent to be effective. The internal wiring in the RV was fine for cable and over the air but not High Definition TV from space.

So I got a new dish on my tripod.

I got new wiring.

And I have a perfect picture. New wire from dish to TV.

By the way, I was right and had the dish aimed dead on the satellite.


Unknown said...

Rock on Reggie

Ken said...


Unknown said...

You're likke a Space Man.